Should Your Golf Grip Pressure Be Firm Or Light?

golf grip pressure

There is a debate in golf circles about grip pressure.  Some accomplished teachers and pros claim a firm grip pressure is needed for control of the club and maximum momentum transfer at impact.  Others say that the grip pressure should be light as to allow more speed and to prevent tension from destroying the swing arc, thus resulting in more club head and ball speed.  In fact, legendary golfer Sam Snead once claimed that he held the club as if he was holding a small bird (minimum pressure).

First off, “light” or “firm” is subjective for each golfer.  For example, someone with a firm hand shake may actually not be aware of the pressure they put into your hand.  The shake of their hand may be light or normal in their view.  Hence, what’s firm for one golfer may be light for another.

I prefer what I call a 2 or 3 pressure on a scale of 0-10: 

golf grip pressure

If you take your golf grip and squeeze your fingers as hard as you can, that is your 10.  If you open your fingers and let the club begin to slide out of your hands towards the ground, then that is your 0.   Now, re-grip the golf club and apply light pressure until you feel your 2-3 out of 10.  In doing so, you will be applying enough pressure to form a nice union between the pads on your fingers (and palm) and the rubber grip.  If you are using a glove, the soft leather acts as your “skin” as it is in contact with the grip.

Finally, it is vital that your grip pressure remains constant throughout the swing from address or set-up to the finish position (as you stand and watch the ball fly).  You will find this very liberating.  And from the club head’s standpoint, a constant grip pressure will help assure you don’t open or close the clubface or throw the club head out of its arc in the downswing.

In all, a light but secure grip pressure that remains constant throughout your golf swing will do wonders for your distance, accuracy, and scores.

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