How To Start Your Golf Swing by Robert Cotter

It’s a debated subject in golf. What happens at the start of the back swing, namely that initial move of the golf club away from the ball?

Should the club head be moving straight back along the target (ball) line or inside the target line?  What about outside the target line, does that make sense?

The fact is that there are a lot of ways to make that first move away from the ball.  Great players in history have done it differently, and all were able to groove their individual patterns.

Hall of Famer Raymond Floyd dragged the club to the inside of the target line at the beginning of his swing.  He would then lift his arms to finish the back swing.

Fred Couples loops the club head outside the target line at the start of the swing, and then reroutes the club to his top of the back swing position.

But most the average golfers just doesn’t don’t have the time to hit 1000 balls a week to groove takeaway moves that may be counterproductive to the development of a repeating golf swing.

And there is absolutely no time for compensating moves in the back swing or down swing to undo the effects of a less than ideal takeaway.

So let’s look at the great golf swing of 3 time PGA Tour winner Aaron Baddeley as I believe he has a top 5 swing on Tour.

golf swing mechanicsThere are 2 great aspects to Aaron’s simple initial move away from the ball (and they are shared by the majority of PGA Tour players).

First, the club face continues to “look” at the ball for the first few feet of club head travel.

This starts the swing on plane. Fantastic!

Second, the shaft of Aaron’s driver points to the inside edge of the target (ball) line. Imagine a railroad track about 1-2“ in diameter running through the ball right to the target; it also points in the opposite direction away from the target . That’s your target line.

The shaft traces the inside edge of that track as the club head move back, up, and in at the start of the swing. It’s a simple and precise way to start your swing, for every club in the bag!

Now, let me demonstrate some common errors using an iron (they also apply for the driver):

golf swing

You can see how the swing is off to a bad start in both the above instances.

Now, let’s get things “back on track”, just like Aaron (see below):

golf swing tips

Now my swing is off to a perfect start and the club is tracking beautifully. Copy this takeaway move and you have started the club back like the best players in the world!

The rest of the Back Swing and Down Swing are also widely misunderstood.

In fact, they gave me fits for years until I discovered The Key To A Repeating Golf Swing and the simple swing technique that makes any swing repeat like an expensive Swiss watch.

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