Know Your Golf Ball Types and Compress that Core!

golf ball types

In order for a golf ball to fly far and straight, the core of the ball must be compressed at impact to the fullest extent of a golfer’s ability.  The ball’s side spin (slice, hook, etc…) must also be controlled or it will take over and have you visiting the woods more often!

There are several types of modern golf balls, and they all have high energy cores.  Think of the core as the engine of the golf ball.

Ball types can be categorized according to how many components or “pieces” they incorporate in their designs.

4 piece golf ball2 Piece (2-P) golf balls have a large core and a thin cover.  2-P balls are typically your distance balls (but not always) because they tend to be lower spinning. They are also cheaper to manufacture, thus less expensive to purchase.

3-5 piece balls have a primary core and a cover, but they also have layers between those 2 components.  That leaves lots of possibilities for enhancing ball performance!

For example, 3 to 5 piece balls can incorporate a dual core design, and/or have layers under the cover called “mantle” layers.  These layers help to regulate ball spin.  They can enhance spin or reduce it according to what is required for each class of golfer.

Professional golfers with high swing speeds want a ball with low spin off the driver, but high spin off the irons for “drop and stop” action on the greens.  But too much spin causes “ballooning”, which leads to loss of distance and control.

If this all sounds confusing, then you are correct, it is!   Here’s some help:

golf ball reviewsAs a U.S. patent award winning Golf Ball Engineer, I enjoy helping golfers select the ball that fits their game details, so they can lower their scores (often dramatically) just by using the right ball for them.

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