Russell Henley Golf Swing and Mindset

Russell Henley Golf Swing

On Sunday, 24 year old Russell Henley beat a stumbling Rory McIlroy, Ryan Palmer, and Russell Knox on the 1st hole of a sudden death playoff at the Honda Classic.

By all accounts, Rory should have finished this event off having led after each of the first 3 rounds and having a 3 shot lead through 6 holes on Sunday.

Now it wasn’t so much what Henley did in the playoff that grabbed my attention, but rather his reaction on the par 3, 15th hole.

Having just tied Mcllroy at 10 under and with the momentum shifting away from the Northern Irishman, all systems were go for Henley to step up, stick the green, and grab the lead.

Instead, he fanned his iron shot to the right and watched as it crash into the water! Ouch!

But instead of sulking and shutting down mentally, Henley kept his chin up and kept moving forward. You could see in his eyes he was already focused on his next shot and not the water ball.

Taking his medicine, Russell took his 5 on the 15th and then parred 16, 17, and 18. And then he took care of business in the playoff for his second Tour win in 14 months.

In an interview afterwards, Russell was asked about the water shot on 15 and whether he thought at that time his chance of winning was over.

Henley described his mindset, “My attitude has been great…. I told Ace (his caddie), I said, no matter what, I’m going to hang in there the best I can, make good golf swings and I’ve got nothing to lose playing against these guys.”

And there’s the takeaway lesson. In golf, you need to keep moving forward. Your previous shot is done, over with, history. Dwelling on how much a water ball or a lost ball in the woods stinks will only negatively affect the shot at hand.

It’s the toughest thing to do in golf. Some guys and gals do it better than others. At the highest levels, they are the players in the Hall of Fame. Or maybe that golfer that always seems to squeak out a win in your foursome or league match play.

You swing the club in the present so think in the present. Do that and you never know when a bounce or 2 will come along and help you break that new scoring level, be it 100, 90, 80, or 70.

Your golf game will never be perfect throughout a round. It’s how you react to the bumps along the way that will sink your day or make you hang in there and post a great number that even surprises you!

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